Are Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards the same company?

Russell Hobbs, formed in 1952 by two former Morphy & Richards employees.

Are Russell Hobbs kettles good?

We found that it can boil small amounts of water particularly quickly and it pours cleanly and accurately with no splashing. It’s a bit annoying that the water gauge is behind the handle so you can’t see it while filling, but we think this is a good kettle overall.

Are Russell Hobbs products good?

The electric kettle brands that best hold up over time, as chosen by CHOICE members.

Electric kettle brand performance.

Brand Reliability score (%)*
Kambrook (244) 90
Morphy Richards (113) 90
Sunbeam (662) 89
Russell Hobbs (536) 88

Is Morphy Richards better than Russell Hobbs?

Russell Hobbs has a better average brand rating than Morphy Richards. The average brand rating for Russell Hobbs is 95% based on over 4,600 reviews, where as the average brand rating for Morphy Richards is 75.2% based on 9 reviews.

Average Brand Rating.

Morphy Richards Evoke Russell Hobbs RHM2031
28 years 1 year

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